Our Background

Tusak Biru Boutique started in 2009 by a woman named Helsi Matiun who seized the opportunity and making her dreams come true as an entrepreneur. The meaning of the boutique name itself, Tusak Biru is Blue Petals. The name was taken by Helsi Matiun because it represent beauty and unique.

What is the passion behind the business? My dream came true as one of the local based boutique in town. We have the joy of selling unique, nice and beautiful dress for women in all walks of life.

Sell a collection of quirky or unique, cute ad seriously trendy first-hand clothes Tusak Biru Collection. We get sources not only from local inspired but also from another country such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand & China. Promised you that many of the clothes and dresses with some retro and vintage feel, also you can pick up timeless, classic pieces as well as the latest fashion pieces.